Mint More is a mobile app for making art with A.I. tools. The user interface makes it easy to generate your own art or remix prompts from the community. Afterwards, mint your work on the polygon blockchain. Try out the multiplayer feature with your friends and share your creations in real-time!

Mint More Video Demo

NFT Rewards

View on openSea:

Owners of these NFTs will have lifetime access to a variety of generative art tools through the app Mint More (e.g. MidJourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Deep Dream, VQGAN, StyleGAN, etc.).

An image generated from the MidJourney algorithm using the prompt: “a 360 panorama of nature”

App Features

Smart Contracts

Minting contract:

Marketplace Contract:

What’s next?

Right now we’re accepting users for a closed beta on android and iOS while we scale services with more features. Please sign up for the beta at:

Future updates include:

Some images generated with the prompt: “immaculate conception, ethereum, eth, crypto tokens, investors”